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Bishop Stephen B. Hall proclaims the gospel across the nation, and is a sought after vessel and voice of God. After more than 25 years in the pastorate, Bishop Hall continues to serve with vigor and tenacity. He teaches and preaches the Rhema Word with relevance, clarity, and power, possessing a deep desire to provide quality care to the people of God through his life-long purpose: To transition unbelievers to believers, and traditional believers to truth that leads to Biblical prosperity and healthy interactions.

He is God's Visionary for Rhema Christian Fellowship in Atlanta, Georgia. Through God's awesome power and favor, the church has grown both spiritually and numerically since its inception in July of 2002. "Structure, Excellence, & Excitement" (The S.E.E. Method) describes the Five Star experience that Bishop Hall has developed through Rhema, which is unequivocally a church "after positive results and not paralyzing religion." This standard of excellence is evident in every area of his life and achievements.

His educational pursuits include earning a Bachelor's Degree in Contemporary Religious Studies from Canyon College, a Master's of Divinity from Trinity College, and a PhD in Christian Clinical Counseling from International Theological Seminary. In 2009, he was inducted into the prestigious Martin Luther King Jr. Board of Preachers at Morehouse College. In September of 2009, he was elevated to the office of Bishop in the Full Gospel Baptist Church Fellowship.

Bishop Hall is universally recognized as a visionary, innovator and organizer with superior and uncommon leadership qualities. He oversees and provide leadership to the pastoral staff , elders, and ministers at Rhema, as well as fulfilling his God-given mandate to serve as a "Pastor's Pastor". He has developed pastoral relationships nationally, providing guidance as a spiritual father to new and experienced pastors, with his pastoral organization, the House of Issachar. He is the State Bishop of the State of Georgia for the Full Gospel Baptist Church Fellowship under the leadership of Bishop Paul S. Morton. Bishop Hall is not just a man in authority, but also a man under authority. He proudly submits to the leadership of his Pastor and Spiritual Father, Bishop James H. Morton, Pastor of New Beginning Full Gospel Baptist Church in Decatur, Georgia.

Bishop Hall exemplifies Christ's love for the church through his sacred marriage to the lovely Vanessa Hall, Co-Pastor of Rhema Christian Fellowship; and they are the proud parents of two sons, Stephen Jr. and Anthony.­­